Debra Purcell-Regis – Fantasy Sports Tips

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Sports and Education

Fantasy sports are online games practiced by many people across the United States. The overall concept is that fans have the opportunity to draft their favorite players in a single team to compete against their friends’ unique teams. As the sports season progresses, each individual player accumulates stats as they play in real life, and these stats aggregate on the fantasy platform and total to a team value. At the end of the week, these stats are totaled per team and the team with the most points wins that week. In her retirement Debra Purcell-Regis has developed many strategies that help her effectively manage and win her fantasy sports teams.

As a first step, it is encouraged that the leagues you compete in all be consolidated to a single platform. Whether its Yahoo or ESPN fantasy sports, it is recommended practice to choose one or the other so that the rules of play and experience are aligned. This also provides a single platform to manage, as opposed to many, making the overall management of your teams much simpler.

Your fantasy league will have in-depth insight and reporting into the performance of your players, and you should learn to identify key metrics from these stats. In addition, make use of the Bleacher Report app, as this tool provides customizable updates on player, team and league news. By making use of your tools and having the most updated information, you’ll be able to make effective decisions as a team manager with your players.

Debra Purcell-Regis supports a humble and modest approach to fantasy sports leagues. Many people can often become excessively obnoxious in regards to their sports affiliation. Practice tact and modesty, remember that fantasy sports are simply games meant to be played and enjoyed.


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