Three Tips for Succeeding in a Daily Fantasy League

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Sports and Education

Fantasy sports have been growing phenomena for the past three decades or so. Recently though, a new form of fantasy sports has been developed and is taking the internet and fantasy sports players by a storm. Daily fantasy leagues are now one of the more popular fantasy sports platforms. Playing in a daily league requires a different set of strategies and skills. Here are three tips for succeeding in a daily fantasy league.

1. Do research on each of the players you are considering to use that day. You should look at their stats, understand the matchups, and compare. You should also read blogs and daily reports. Both these sources are an excellent way to get information that is streamlined and directed at exactly what you are looking for.

2. Don’t take too many risks. You need to take some risks in daily fantasy leagues, but you need to manage your risks and be smart about them. Be even keeled about how many risks you take. Don’t take a risk over something that is guaranteed to give you some positive value.

3. Do some research on some shortcuts that will make you a better fantasy player. It will take you a long time to learn all the tactics, strategy, and language of the fantasy, but if you initially teach yourself some shortcut strategies and tactics, then you have a good chance of succeeding early.

Debra Purcell-Regis is recently retired teacher from Old Brookville, New York. Her son recently introduced her to daily fantasy sports leagues and she has been very successful so far.


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