Fantasy Baseball – Creating Value

Posted: July 4, 2015 in Sports and Education

In all fantasy sports, the teams that get the most value for their picks in the draft are the ones that take the championships. You can create value by finding players that you think are underrated during the draft. Anytime you can find first round talent in the third, fourth, or fifth round, you’ve created value. Every year, the fantasy community overlooks players who turn out to have monster seasons. Every year, fantasy sports pundits give gamers a list of “sleepers,” players who they feel are underrated (hence the fantasy community has slept on them). There are always players who come out of nowhere to dominate fantasy leagues in all sports. The key is finding them before you competition does.

When you’re drafting your team, you should have a list of players you want on your team for the right price. The best way to find players you like is to look at the list of all players going into the draft and view their career histories. Some players have a long list of injuries that have prevented them from playing over their careers; others have sparkling statistics throughout their careers except for the year previous, causing their stock in the fantasy community to fall. Draft injury-prone players at your own risk, but players coming off uncharacteristically bad seasons are where you can create value.

Debra Purcell-Regis is a dedicated fantasy owner in multiple sports. She has already made a name for herself in her own fantasy leagues as a fearsome opponent, and she has started to play daily fantasy leagues as well.


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